With eighty approaching quickly, the time had come to accept the fact that living on my own wwas a hazard to my health! After looking around the Blairsville, Murphy, Hiawassee area, I fond what I was looking for. Brasstown Manor in Hiawassee is a beautiful place and looks more like a fancy hotel than a senior living community.   Upon arrival, I was greeted by the staff here and they explained the ins and outs of living here. Within an hour, I decided to make the independent apartments side of Brasstown Manor my new home.  Within a month, and with the help of my children, I had my apartment furnished, complete with curtains!  That was nearly two years ago.  I have been happy here for many reasons.  The facility is spotless, the staff is wonderful, and by now, they are my personal friends.  I’ve met many, many people who live here and really enjoy swapping stories of the good old days.  We have a busy schedule of planned activities that we can do, trips we can take, and special days when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  We have puzzles and libraries.

I recently began working here, as well.  I man the reception desk from nine to five on Sundays.  The job has given me an insight into the assisted living side of the manor.  The rooms are lovely and clean with the resident’s own things around them.  They have their own beautiful big “living room” and dining room.  The halls are very wide and can accommodate walkers, wheelchairs, and hover round easily. A group of caregivers is always there to help us anyway they can.  The odors, sometimes found in assisted living places, is absent here.  The place is always sweet smelling and clean. If and when I need to move to the Assisted Living side, I know I will be well taken care of.

As a member of the “Greatest Generation” among many of my peers, I’m proud to tell people that I live at Brasstown Manor!