Adults who are part of the sandwich generation-that is, those who have a living parent age 65 or older and are either raising a child under age 18 or supporting a grown child-are pulled in many directions. Not only do many provide care and financial support to their parents and their children, but nearly four-in-ten (38%) say both their grown children and their parents rely on them for emotional support.

Who is the sandwich generation? Its members are mostly middle-aged: 71% of this group is ages 40 to 59. AN additional 19% are younger than 40 and 10% are age 60 or older.

While some aging parents need financial support, others may also need help with day-to-day living. Among all adults with at least one patent age65 or older,30 % say their parent or parents need help to handle their affairs or care for themselves; 69% say their parents can handle this on their own.

Middle-aged adults are the most likely to have a patent age 65 or older (68% say they do). And of that group, 28% say their parent needs some help. But for those in their 60s and beyond who do still have a living parent, the likelihood that the parent will need caregiving is relatively high. Fully half of adults age 60 or older with a living parent say the parent needs help with day-to-day living.

In addition to helping their aging parents with day-to-day living, many adults report that their parents rely on them for emotional support. Among all adults with a living parent age 65 or older, 35 % say that their parent or parent’s or parent’s frequently rely on them for emotional support.

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